Who we are

Umberto34-luxury home is a project ideated by Marco and Emanuela, a young couple and lovers of their city, with the desire to illustrate Naples in all its facets, bringing guests into a totally new world made of thousands of colours and making them feel at home.

The bed and breakfast, located in an ancient building in the historic center of Naples, has been completely renovated and handcrafted with Neapolitan carpentry raw materials for a project entirely made in Naples.

The staff will suggest you the most suggestive and famous areas of attraction in Naples but most importantly the curious and bizarre ones, which you will never be able to find on any official city guide.

The truth is that Umberto34-luxury home will be your second home and Naples will reserve a place into your hearts … so much that you won’t want to leave!

the history

Corso Umberto I (also known as Rettifilo) is one of the most important historical streets of Naples and connects the city center to the train station.
Corso Umberto I was born during the so-called “rehabilitation” works, following which entire districts and buildings were destroyed (even those of a certain artistic and religious value) and replaced by modern buildings built in tuff.
At first, in 1897 the city council established that the name of the Corso was going to be “Corso Re d ‘Italia” but then became Corso Umberto I in honour of Prince Umberto.
For many critics the Corso rather than to represent the Naples of the post-Risorgimento period was instead presented as a cover up for the popular districts, which however still survived behind the facade of the beautiful new construction buildings, but nevertheless today they are represented as the main images of the most characteristic postcards of Naples.

the value of details

White is the prevailing color for an immediate relaxing effect but the encounter with the brightness of gold and the warmth of brown, situated in the details of contemporary design, welcomes the guests into a comfortable embrace.